Hisss 2010 Movie Lifetime Worldwide Collection

Hisss (2010) Bollywood Movie Lifetime Worldwide Box Office Earning and Budget

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Hisss is 2010 Indian Bollywood (Hindi Language) Horror Thriller film. Hisss is directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch and produced by Govind Menon, Ratan Jain, William Sees Keenan & Vikram Singh and the story is written by Jennifer Chambers Lynch & Gulfam Khan. Its star cast are Mallika Sherawat, Irrfan Khan, Divya Dutta & Jeff Doucette. Movie is also known as "Nagin: The Snake Woman". Film did not performed well at Indian box office and even did not recovered its total budget.

Cast Characters:

Mallika SherawatNagin
Irrfan KhanVikram Gupta (Inspector)
Divya DuttaMaya Gupta (Wife of Vikram)
Jeff DoucetteGeorge States

Directed By: Jennifer Chambers Lynch

Produced By: Govind Menon, Ratan Jain, William Sees Keenan & Vikram Singh

Written By: Jennifer Chambers Lynch & Gulfam Khan

Cast: Mallika Sherawat, Irrfan Khan, Divya Dutta & Jeff Doucette

Genre: Horror Thriller

Release Date: 22nd October 2010 (Friday)

Certification: A

Rating: 1.5 out of 5 Stars

Screen Counts: 650 (India)

Production Company / Banner: Split Image Pictures, Venus Records & Tapes Pvt Ltd & United Seven Entertainment Ltd

Distributors: Venus Records & Tapes Pvt Ltd

Running Time / Duration: 1 Hour 34 Minutes (94 Minutes)

Budget: ₹28.00 Cr

Box Office Verdict: Disaster

Collection Summary:

Day 1 Opening Collection: ₹0.93 Cr

India's First Weekend Collection: ₹2.91 Cr

India's First Week Collection: ₹4.34 Cr

India's Lifetime Net Collection: ₹5.32 Cr

India's Lifetime Gross Collection: ₹7.18 Cr

Overseas Market Collection: ₹0.38 Cr

Worldwide Total Gross Collection: ₹7.56 Cr

Song Summary:

The film has total 07 songs in the album and the music are composed by Anu Malik, David Kushner, Franky Perez, Julian Lennon, Mark Sipro, Peter-John Vettese, Shraddha Pandit & Panjabi MC and the lyrics are written by Sameer Anjaan, Shruti Haasan, Mallika Sherawat, Shweta Pandit & Sayeed Quadri. Songs are sung by Shreya Ghoshal, Shruti Haasan, Mallika Sherawat, Shweta Pandit & Sunidhi Chauhan.
  1. "Lagi Lagi Milan Dhun Lagi - 1" - Composed by Anu Malik, Written by Sameer Anjaan and Sung by Shreya Ghoshal
  2. "Lagi Lagi Milan Dhun Lagi - 2" - Composed by Anu Malik, Written by Sameer Anjaan and Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan
  3. "Beyond The Snake" - Composed by David Kushner & Franky Perez, Written by Shruti Haasan and Sung by Shruti Haasan
  4. "Sway (Mann Dole)" - Composed by Julian Lennon, Mark Sipro & Peter-John Vettese, Written by Mallika Sherawat and Sung by Mallika Sherawat
  5. "I Got The Poison - Hisss" - Composed by Shraddha Pandit, Written by Shweta Pandit and Sung by Shweta Pandit
  6. "I Got The Poison - Hisss Remix" - Composed by Shraddha Pandit & Panjabi MC, Written by Shweta Pandit and Sung by Shweta Pandit
  7. "Lafanaa Hai Lafanaa" - Composed by Anu Malik, Written by Sayeed Quadri and Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan

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