Teen Patti 2010 Movie Lifetime Worldwide Collection

Teen Patti (2010) Bollywood Movie Lifetime Worldwide Box Office Earning and Budget

Teen Patti film budget, Teen Patti film collection
Teen Patti

Teen Patti is 2010 Indian Bollywood (Hindi Language) Thriller Drama film. Teen Patti is directed by Leena Yadav and produced by Ambika A. Hinduja and the story is written by Leena Yadav, Prasenjit Maita & Shiv Kumar Subramaniam. Its star cast are Amitabh Bachchan, R. Madhavan, Raima Sen, Ben Kingsley & Shraddha Kapoor. Movie marks the acting debut of Shraddha Kapoor. Movie was clashed with Farhan Akhtar & Deepika Padukone's "Karthik Calling Karthik". Film did not performed well at Indian box office and even did not recovered its total budget.

Cast Characters:

Amitabh BachchanVenkat Subramaniam
R. MadhavanShantanu Biswas
Raima SenShivani Mukherjee
Shraddha KapoorAparna Khanna (Appu)
Ben KingsleyPerci Trachtenberg
Siddharth Kher: Siddharth Bajaj (Sid)
Dhruv Ganesh: Vikram Ashwin Dhar
Vaibhav Talwar: Abbas Sheikh
Mahesh Manjrekar: Dagdu Seth
Tinnu Anand: Billu
Ashu Sharma: Rammi
Saira Mohan: K
Ajay Devgn: Sunny
Jackie Shroff: Tony Milano
Shakti Kapoor: Prem London

Directed By: Leena Yadav

Produced By: Ambika A. Hinduja

Written By: Leena Yadav, Prasenjit Maita & Shiv Kumar Subramaniam

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, R. Madhavan, Raima Sen, Ben Kingsley, Shraddha Kapoor, Siddharth Kher, Dhruv Ganesh, Vaibhav Talwar, Mahesh Manjrekar, Tinnu Anand, Ashu Sharma, Saira Mohan, Ajay Devgn, Jackie Shroff, Shakti Kapoor, Ganesh Yadav, Ranjeet & Radhika Shah

Genre: Thriller Drama

Release Date: 26th February 2010 (Friday)

Certification: U/A

Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

Screen Counts: 575 (India)

Production Company / Banner: Hinduja Ventures & Serendipity Films

Distributors: Serendipity Films

Running Time / Duration: 2 Hours 22 Minutes (142 Minutes)

Budget: ₹18.00 Cr

Box Office Verdict: Disaster

Collection Summary:

Day 1 Opening Collection: ₹0.95 Cr

India's First Weekend Collection: ₹3.26 Cr

India's First Week Collection: ₹4.62 Cr

India's Lifetime Net Collection: ₹4.77 Cr

India's Lifetime Gross Collection: ₹6.48 Cr

Overseas Market Collection: ₹1.15 Cr

Worldwide Total Gross Collection: ₹7.63 Cr

Song Summary:

The film has total 08 songs in the album and all the music are composed by Salim-Sulaiman and the lyrics are written by Ajinkya Iyer, Asif Ali Beg & Irfan Siddiqui. Songs are sung by Anushka Manchanda, Sonia Saigal, Joe Alvares, Salim Merchant, Sunidhi Chauhan, Naresh Kamat & Abhijit Vaghani.
  1. "Life Is A Game - Hindi Version" - Composed by Salim-Sulaiman, Written by Asif Ali Beg & Irfan Siddiqui and Sung by Anushka Manchanda & Sonia Saigal
  2. "Life Is A Game - English Version" - Composed by Salim-Sulaiman, Written by Asif Ali Beg and Sung by Sonia Saigal
  3. "Summertime And The Living" - Composed by Salim-Sulaiman, Written by Irfan Siddiqui and Sung by Joe Alvares
  4. "Teen Patti Ke Gulaam" - Composed by Salim-Sulaiman, Written by Irfan Siddiqui and Sung by Salim Merchant
  5. "Teen Patti Ke Gulaam - Remix" - Composed by Salim-Sulaiman, Written by Irfan Siddiqui and Sung by Salim Merchant
  6. "Neeyat Kharab Hai" - Composed by Salim-Sulaiman, Written by Irfan Siddiqui and Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan
  7. "Neeyat Kharab Hai - Remix" - Composed by Salim-Sulaiman, Written by Irfan Siddiqui & Ajinkya Iyer and Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan & Abhijit Vaghani
  8. "Intezar Mein Chhupa Kahi - Composed by Salim-Sulaiman, Written by Irfan Siddiqui and Sung by Naresh Kamat

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