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Adipurush Box Office Collection Worldwide 2023 - Hindi Telugu Movie

Adipurush  is an Indian movie that was released in cinemas on  16th June 2023 in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada languages. Th...

Adipurush is an Indian movie that was released in cinemas on 16th June 2023 in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada languages.

The film has been shot simultaneously in Hindi and Telugu languages, giving the audience a mix of both the Bollywood and Tollywood versions of the film.

It is a mythological film directed by Hindi movie filmmaker, producer, and actor Om Raut.

The film Adipurush is Om Raut's third film as a director. The two films he previously directed are: 'Lokmanya: Ek Yug Purush' [2015], and 'Tanhaji' [2020].

There is hardly any person who does not know the story of Ramayana. So the story of the film "Adipurush" is also based on 'Ramayana'.

A lot of VFX has been involved in the film, due to which it is considered one of the costliest films in India.

The shooting of the film was completed on 10 November 2021, after which a teaser of the film was also released on 2 October 2022, which faced a lot of criticism from critics.

Actually, due to the poor quality of VFX and CGI of the film, the critics did not like the teaser much. After which the budget of the film was increased to improve the visual effects.

The film starred Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh, and Devdatta Nage.

So let's discuss below the Movie Adipurush Box Office Collection and other information related to the movie like Budget, Release Date, Verdict, Screen Count, Cast, etc.

Adipurush Box Office Collection: Cast, Budget, Rating, Release Date, Verdict

Adipurush Movie Box Office Collection

Release Date
16th June 2023 [Friday]
Theatre [Worldwide]
Action Adventure Mythological
Running Time
179 Minutes [2 Hours 59 Minutes]
1.5 Stars Out of 5
Hindi and Telugu (Original)
Dubbed in: Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada
Based on
Om Raut
Om Raut [Screenplay]
Om Raut
Bhushan Kumar
Krishan Kumar
Rajesh Nair
Prasad Sutar
Production Company
T-Series Films
AA Films
People Media Factory
UV Creations
KRG Studios
Screen Count
Approx 6200 Screens in India
[4000 Screens in Hindi]
Music Composer
Lyrics Writer
Manoj Muntashir [Hindi]
Ramajogayya Sastry [Telugu]

Adipurush Cast and Character

Devdatta Nage
Vatsal Sheth
Trupti Toradmal
Bijay J. Anand
Siddhant Karnick
Asha Sharma
Tejaswini Pandit
Ajit Shidhaye
Ayesha Madhukar
Krishna Kotian

Adipurush Box Office Collection India: Day Wise

No. of DayTotal Collection (in ₹)
Day 1 (1st Friday)
86.75 Crore
[Telugu: 48 Cr, Hindi: 37.25 Cr, Tamil: 0.70 Cr, Malayalam: 0.40 Cr, Kannada: 0.40 Cr]
Day 2 (1st Saturday)
65.25 Crore
[TE: 26.65 Cr, HI: 37 Cr, TA: 0.80 Cr, MAL: 0.30 Cr, KA: 0.50 Cr]
[Decline: -24.78%]
Day 3 (1st Sunday)
69.10 Crores
[TE: 29.30 Cr, HI: 38 Cr, TA: 0.85 Cr, MAL: 0.30 Cr, KA: 0.65 Cr]
[Growth: +5.90%]
Day 4 (1st Monday)
16 Crore
[TE: 6.90 Cr, HI: 8.50 Cr, TA: 0.35 Cr, MAL: 0.10 Cr, KA: 0.15 Cr]
[Decline: -76.85%]
Day 5 (1st Tuesday)
10.70 Crore
[TE: 4.70 Cr, HI: 5.50 Cr, TA: 0.30 Cr, MAL: 0.07 Cr, KA: 0.13 Cr]
[Decline: -33.13%]
Day 6 (1st Wednesday)
7.25 Crore
[TE: 3.10 Cr, HI: 3.80 Cr, TA: 0.25 Cr, MAL: 0.05 Cr, KA: 0.05 Cr]
[Decline: -32.24%]
Day 7 (1st Thursday)
4.85 Crore
[TE: 1.70 Cr, HI: 2.90 Cr, TA: 0.20 Cr, MAL: 0.03 Cr, KA: 0.02 Cr]
[Decline: -33.10%]
Day 8 (2nd Friday)
3.40 Crore
[TE: 1.20 Cr, HI: 2.15 Cr, TA: 0.01 Cr, MAL: 0.02 Cr, KA: 0.02 Cr]
[Decline: -29.90%]
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)
5.25 Crore
[TE: 2.06 Cr, HI: 3.10 Cr, TA: 0.04 Cr, KA: 0.05 Cr]
[Growth: +54.41%]
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)
7.20 Crore
[TE: 3.50 Cr, HI: 3.60 Cr, TA: 0.03 Cr, KA: 0.07 Cr]
[Growth: +37.14%]
Day 11 (2nd Monday)
2.13 Crore
[TE: 1 Cr, HI: 1.10 Cr, TA: 0.01 Cr, KA: 0.02 Cr]
[Decline: -70.42%]
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)
1.65 Crore
[TE: 0.65 Cr, HI: 0.97 Cr, TA: 0.01 Cr, KA: 0.02 Cr]
[Decline: -22.54%]
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)
1.55 Crore
[TE: 0.58 Cr, HI: 0.95 Cr, TA: 0.01 Cr, KA: 0.01 Cr]
[Decline: -6.06%]
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)
1.25 Crore
[TE: 0.42 Cr, HI: 0.80 Cr, TA: 0.01 Cr, KA: 0.02 Cr]
[Decline: -19.35%]
Day 15 (3rd Friday)
0.82 Crore
[TE: 0.47 Cr, HI: 0.35 Cr]
[Decline: -34.40%]
Day 16 (3rd Saturday)
1.07 Crore
[TE: 0.57 Cr, HI: 0.50 Cr]
[Growth: +30.49%]
Day 17 (3rd Sunday)
1.10 Crore
[TE: 0.45 Cr, HI: 0.65 Cr]
[Growth: +2.80%]
Day 18 (3rd Monday)
0.30 Crore
[TE: 0.15 Cr, HI: 0.15 Cr]
[Decline: -72.73%]
Day 19 (3rd Tuesday)
0.30 Crore
[TE: 0.16 Cr, HI: 0.14 Cr]
[No Change: 0.00%]
Day 20 (3rd Wednesday)
0.25 Crore
[TE: 0.12 Cr, HI: 0.13 Cr]
[Decline: -16.67%]
Day 21 (3rd Thursday)
0.20 Crore
[TE: 0.10 Cr, HI: 0.10 Cr]
[Decline: -20.00%]
Day 22 - Day 28
1.60 Crore
[TE: 1 Cr, HI: 0.60 Cr]
Total Collection (Net in India)
287.97 Crores
[TE: 133.16 Cr, HI: 147.86 Cr, TA: 3.57 Cr, MAL: 1.27 Cr, KA: 2.11 Cr]

Adipurush Box Office Collection India: Weekly Collection

No. of WeekWeek Wise Collection (in ₹)Total Collection (in ₹)
Day 1 (Opening)
86.75 Crore86.75 Crore
3 Days (Opening Weekend)
221.10 Crore221.10 Crore
1st Week
259.90 Crore259.90 Crore
2nd Week
22.43 Crore
[Decline: -91.37%]
282.33 Crore
3rd Week
4.04 Crore
[Decline: -81.99%]
286.37 Crore
4th Week
1.60 Crore
[Decline: -60.40%]
287.97 Crore
Total Collection (Net in India)
287.97 Crores287.97 Crores

Adipurush Total Collection: Worldwide Box Office Collection

SummaryTotal Collection (in ₹)
Nett Box Office Collection in India
287.97 Crores
Total Gross Collection in India
342.70 Crores
Overseas Collection
50 Crores
Total Worldwide Collection
392.70 Crores

Adipurush Budget and Verdict (Hit or Flop)

500 Crore (Approx)

Adipurush Benchmarks

  • Crossed 50 Crores Worldwide on Day 1
  • Crossed 100 Crores Worldwide on Day 1
  • Crossed 150 Crores Worldwide on Day 2
  • Crossed 200 Crores Worldwide on Day 2
  • Crossed 250 Crores Worldwide on Day 3
  • Crossed 300 Crores Worldwide on Day 3
  • Crossed 350 Crores Worldwide on Day 6


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