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Chhatriwali Movie Release Date, Rating, Cast, OTT 2023

Chhatriwali  is an Indian movie that was released on  20th January 2023  on  ZEE5 .  It is a  Bollywood film , ie a  Hindi language  film. I...

Chhatriwali is an Indian movie that was released on 20th January 2023 on ZEE5It is a Bollywood film, ie a Hindi language film.

It is a romantic comedy film directed by Indian filmmaker, actor, and writer Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar.

Tejas Deoskar is originally known as the director and writer of Marathi movies but has also directed some Hindi films.

The story of the film Chhatriwali also gives a very good message to society (especially youth), and I believe that youth must watch this film.

The film starred Rakul Preet Singh (lead role), Summet Vyas, Satish Kaushik, and Dolly Ahluwalia. The film was shot in Lucknow, India.

So let's discuss below the information related to the movie Chhatriwali like budget, release date, cast, etc.

Chhatriwali: Cast, Budget, Rating, Release Date, and more

Chhatriwali Movie Update

Release Date
20th January 2023 (Friday)
Romantic Comedy
Running Time
116 Minutes (1 Hour 56 Minutes)
4 Stars out of 5
Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar
Priyadarshee Srivastava
Sanchit Gupta
Ronnie Screwvala
Production Company
RSVP Movies
Music Composer
Akhil Sachdeva
Sumeet Bellary
Durgesh Rajbhatt
Lyrics Writer
Tejas Deoskar
Akhil Sachdeva
Satya Khare
Saaveri Verma

Chhatriwali Cast and Character

Rakul Preet Singh
Sanya Dhingra
Sumeet Vyas
Rishi Kalra
Satish Kaushik
Ratan Lamba
Dolly Ahluwalia
Mrs. Dhingra
Rakesh Bedi
Madan Chacha
Rajesh Tailang
Rajan Kalra
Riva Arora
Mini Kalra
Prachi Shah Pandya
Nisha Kalra
Punit Tiwari
Tejas Deoskar
Kajol Chugh
Jaya Dhingra

Chhatriwali Movie Facts

  • The budget of this film is around 20 crores
  • The film was viewed 1.9 million (19 Lacs) times in the first 3 days (opening weekend) in India on ZEE5.
  • The trailer of the film was released on YouTube on 6 January 2023, which is of 2 minutes 38 seconds. In 3 weeks this trailer has got 36 million views with 39K likes.
  • The shooting of this film was completed in less than 2 months.


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