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Satyaprem Ki Katha Box Office Collection 2023 Bollywood Movie

Satyaprem Ki Katha  is an Indian movie that was released on  29th June 2023 .  It is a  Bollywood film , ie a  Hindi language  film. It is a...

Satyaprem Ki Katha is an Indian movie that was released on 29th June 2023It is a Bollywood film, ie a Hindi language film.

It is a romantic drama film directed by Marathi movie filmmaker Sameer Vidwans.

Let us tell you that Sameer Vidwans has directed many Marathi films and TV series till now, but through the film 'Satyaprem Ki Katha', he has also made his directorial debut in Bollywood films.

The film Satyaprem Ki Katha was earlier titled 'Satyanarayan Ki Katha', but the makers of the film were facing a lot of controversies over the title, which was later changed to 'Satyaprem Ki Katha'.

The film starred Kartik Aaryan [lead role], Kiara Advani [lead role], Gajraj Rao, and Supriya Pathak.

So let's discuss below the Movie Satyaprem Ki Katha Box Office Collection and other information related to the movie like Budget, Release Date, Verdict, Screen Count, Cast, etc.

Satyaprem Ki Katha Box Office Collection: Cast, Budget, Rating, Release Date, Verdict

Satyaprem Ki Katha Movie Box Office Collection

Release Date
29th June 2023 [Thursday]
Theatre [Worldwide]
Romantic Drama
Running Time
146 Minutes [2 Hours 26 Minutes]
3.5 Stars Out of 5
Sameer Vidwans
Karan Shrikant Sharma
Sajid Nadiadwala
Kishor Arora
Shareen Mantri Kedia
Production Company
Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
Namah Pictures
Pen Marudhar Entertainment
Screen Count
2000+ Screens In India
Music Composer
Tanishk Bagchi
Payal Dev
Manan Bhardwaj
Meet Bros
Rochak Kohli
Ali Sethi
Lyrics Writer
A.M. Turaz
Manan Bhardwaj
Gurpreet Saini
Ali Sethi
Tanishk Bagchi

Satyaprem Ki Katha Cast and Character

Satyaprem [Sattu]
Gajraj Rao
Narayan [Sattu's Father]
Supriya Pathak
Diwali [Sattu's Mother]
Rajpal Yadav
Siddharth Randeria
Harikishen [Katha's Father]
Arjun Aneja
Awlad Hossen Eshan
Anuradha Patel
Rasna [Katha's Mother]
Maira Doshi
Kinjal [Katha's Sister]
Nirrmite Saawaant
Christmas Masi
Shikha Talsania
Sejal [Sattu's Sister]
Palash Tiwari
Dheeraj [Kinjal's Husband]

Satyaprem Ki Katha Box Office Collection India: Day Wise

No. of DayTotal Collection (in ₹)
Day 1 (1st Thursday)
9.25 Crore
Day 2 (1st Friday)
7 Crore
[Decline: -24.32%]
Day 3 (1st Saturday)
10.10 Crore
[Growth: +44.29%]
Day 4 (1st Sunday)
12.15 Crore
[Growth: +20.30%]
Day 5 (1st Monday)
4.21 Crore
[Decline: -65.35%]
Day 6 (1st Tuesday)
4.05 Crore
[Decline: -3.80%]
Day 7 (1st Wednesday)
3.45 Crore
[Decline: -14.81%]
Day 8 (2nd Thursday)
3 Crore
[Decline: -13.04%]
Day 9 (2nd Friday)
2.85 Crore
[Decline: -5.00%]
Day 10 (2nd Saturday)
4.75 Crore
[Growth: +66.67%]
Day 11 (2nd Sunday)
5.25 Crore
[Growth: +10.53%]
Day 12 (2nd Monday)
1.70 Crore
[Decline: -67.62%]
Day 13 (2nd Tuesday)
1.70 Crore
[No Change: 0.00%]
Day 14 (2nd Wednesday)
1.20 Crore
[Decline: -29.41%]
Day 15 (2nd Thursday)
1.20 Crore
[No Change: 0.00%]
Day 16 (3rd Friday)
1.25 Crore
[Growth: +4.17%]
Day 17 (3rd Saturday)
1.85 Crore
[Growth: +48.00%]
Day 18 (3rd Sunday)
2.30 Crore
[Growth: +24.32%]
Day 19 (3rd Monday)
0.80 Crore
[Decline: -65.22%]
Day 20 (3rd Tuesday)
0.75 Crore
[Decline: -6.25%]
Day 21 (3rd Wednesday)
0.70 Crore
[Decline: -6.25%]
Day 22 (4th Thursday)
0.60 Crore
[Decline: -14.29%]
Day 23 (4th Friday)
0.30 Crore
[Decline: -50.00%]
Day 24 (4th Saturday)
0.65 Crore
[Growth: +116.67%]
Day 25 (4th Sunday)
0.90 Crore
[Growth: +38.46%]
Day 26 (4th Monday)
0.30 Crore
[Decline: -66.67%]
Day 27 (4th Tuesday)
0.35 Crore
[Growth: +16.67%]
Day 28 (4th Wednesday)
0.35 Crore
[No Change: 0.00%]
Day 29 (5th Thursday)
0.25 Crore
[Decline: -28.57%]
Day 30 (5th Friday)
0.08 Crore
[Decline: -68.00%]
Day 31 (5th Saturday)
0.15 Crore
[Growth: +87.50%]
Day 32 (5th Sunday)
0.17 Crore
[Growth: +13.33%]
Day 33 (5th Monday)
0.07 Crore
[Decline: -58.82%]
Day 34 (5th Tuesday)
0.07 Crore
[No Change: 0.00%]
Day 35 (5th Wednesday)
0.06 Crore
[Decline: -14.29%]
Day 36 (6th Thursday)
0.04 Crore
[Decline: -33.33%]
Total Collection (Net in India)
83.85 Crores

Satyaprem Ki Katha Box Office Collection India: Weekly Collection

No. of WeekWeek Wise Collection (in ₹)Total Collection (in ₹)
Day 1 (Opening)
9.25 Crore9.25 Crore
4 Days (Opening Weekend)
38.50 Crore38.50 Crore
1st Week
53.21 Crore53.21 Crore
2nd Week
18.65 Crore
[Decline: -64.95%]
71.86 Crore
3rd Week
8.25 Crore
[Decline: -55.76%]
80.11 Crore
4th Week
3.10 Crore
[Decline: -62.42%]
83.21 Crore
5th Week
0.64 Crore
[Decline: -79.35%]
83.85 Crore
Total Collection (Net in India)
83.85 Crores83.85 Crores

Satyaprem Ki Katha Total Collection: Worldwide Box Office Collection

SummaryTotal Collection (in ₹)
Nett Box Office Collection in India
83.85 Crores
Total Gross Collection in India
99.80 Crores
Overseas Collection
26 Crores
Total Worldwide Collection
125.80 Crores

Satyaprem Ki Katha Budget and Verdict (Hit or Flop)

75 Crore [Cost of Production: 65 Crore + Prints & Advertisement: 10 Crore]


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