Kali Jotta Box Office Collection 2023 Punjabi Movie

Kali Jotta is an Indian movie that was released on 3rd February 2023. This is a Pollywood film, ie a Punjabi language film.

This is a social issue romantic drama film directed by Punjabi movie filmmaker Vijay Kumar Arora.

The film 'Kali Jotta' received outstanding reviews and ratings from critics. Especially Neeru Bajwa's performance and the story of the film have received a lot of praise.

The film starred Neeru Bajwa, Satinder Sartaaj, and Wamiqa Gabbi.

So let's discuss below the Movie Kali Jotta Box Office Collection and other information related to the movie like Budget, Release Date, Verdict, Screen Count, Cast, etc.

Kali Jotta Box Office Collection: Cast, Budget, Rating, Release Date, Verdict, Collection

Kali Jotta Box Office Collection

Release Date
3rd February 2023 (Friday)
Theatre (Worldwide)
Social Issue Romantic Drama
Running Time
131 Minutes (2 Hours 11 Minutes)
4 Stars out of 5
Vijay Kumar Arora
Harinder Kour
Varun Arora
Santosh Subhash Thite
Sunny Raj
Sarla Rani
Production Company
Neeru Bajwa Entertainment
VH Entertainment
U&I Films
Omjee Star Studios
Screen Count
India:250+ Screens
Music Composer
Beat Minister
Gurcharan Singh
Satinder Sartaaj
Lyrics Writer
Satinder Sartaaj
Harinder Kour

Kali Jotta Cast and Character

Satinder Sartaaj
Neeru Bajwa
Wamiqa Gabbi
Prince Kanwaljit Singh
Nikita Grover
Roopi Rupinder
Anita Devgan
Gurpreet Bhangu

Kali Jotta Box Office Collection India: Day Wise

No. of DayTotal Collection (in ₹)
Day 1 (1st Friday)
0.55 Crore
Day 2 (1st Saturday)
0.85 Crore
Day 3 (1st Sunday)
1.50 Crore
Day 4 (1st Monday)
0.55 Crore
Day 5 (1st Tuesday)
0.45 Crore
Day 6 (1st Wednesday)
0.40 Crore
Day 7 (1st Thursday)
0.35 Crore
Day 8 (2nd Friday)
0.40 Crore
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)
1.10 Crore
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)
1.85 Crore
Day 11 (2nd Monday)
0.45 Crore
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)
0.85 Crore
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)
0.50 Crore
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)
0.40 Crore
Day 15 (3rd Friday)
0.30 Crore
Day 16 (3rd Saturday)
0.65 Crore
Day 17 (3rd Sunday)
0.90 Crore
Day 18 (3rd Monday)
0.25 Crore
Day 19 (3rd Tuesday)
0.25 Crore
Day 20 (3rd Wednesday)
0.25 Crore
Day 21 (3rd Thursday)
0.25 Crore
Day 22 (4th Friday)
0.20 Crore
Day 23 (4th Saturday)
0.37 Crore
Day 24 (4th Sunday)
0.50 Crore
Day 25 (4th Monday)
0.23 Crore
Day 26 (4th Tuesday)
0.20 Crore
Day 27 (4th Wednesday)
0.19 Crore
Day 28 (4th Thursday)
0.17 Crore
Day 29 (5th Friday)
0.15 Crore
Day 30 (5th Saturday)
0.17 Crore
Day 31 (5th Sunday)
0.27 Crore
Day 32 (5th Monday)
0.15 Crore
Day 33 (5th Tuesday)
0.13 Crore
Day 34 (5th Wednesday)
0.09 Crore
Day 35 (5th Thursday)
0.09 Crore
Day 36 (6th Friday)
0.08 Crore
Day 37 (6th Saturday)
0.08 Crore
Day 38 (6th Sunday)
0.14 Crore
Day 39 (6th Monday)
0.07 Crore
Day 40 (6th Tuesday)
0.09 Crore
Total Collection (Net in India)
16.42 Crore

Kali Jotta Box Office Collection India: Weekly Collection

No. of WeekWeek Wise Collection (in ₹)Total Collection (in ₹)
Day 1 (Opening)
0.55 Crore0.55 Crore
3 Days (Opening Weekend)
2.90 Crore2.90 Crore
1st Week
4.65 Crore4.65 Crore
2nd Week
5.55 Crore10.20 Crore
3rd Week
2.85 Crore13.05 Crore
4th Week
1.86 Crore14.91 Crore
5th Week
1.05 Crore15.96 Crore
6th Week
-- Crore-- Crore
Total Collection (Net in India)
16.42 Crore
16.42 Crore

Kali Jotta Total Collection: Worldwide Box Office Collection

SummaryTotal Collection (in ₹)
Nett Box Office Collection in India
16.42 Crore
Total Gross Collection in India
19.50 Crore
Overseas Collection
20 Crore
Kali Jotta
Total Worldwide Collection
39.50 Crore

Kali Jotta Budget and Verdict (Hit or Flop)

2.50 Crore (Approx)


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