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Naach Ga Ghuma Box Office Collection 2024 Marathi Movie

Naach Ga Ghuma is an Indian Movie released on 1st May 2024 . It is a Marathi Language Movie. It is a comedy-drama  film directed by Indian...

Naach Ga Ghuma is an Indian Movie released on 1st May 2024. It is a Marathi Language Movie.

It is a comedy-drama film directed by Indian movie filmmaker, actor, producer, and screenwriter Paresh Mokashi.

The film starred Mukta Barve, Namrata Sambherao, Sarang Sathaye, Sukanya Kulkarni, Supriya Pathare, and Sharmishtha Raut.

So let's discuss below Movie Naach Ga Ghuma Box Office Collection and other information related to the movie like Budget, Rating, Worldwide Collection, Release Date, Verdict, etc.

Naach Ga Ghuma Box Office Collection: Cast, Budget, Rating, Release Date, Verdict

Naach Ga Ghuma Movie Box Office Collection

Release Date
1st May 2024 [Wednesday]
Theatre [India]
Comedy Drama
Running Time
[Duration or Length]
139 Minutes [2 Hours 19 Minutes]
3.5 Stars Out of 5
Paresh Mokashi
Paresh Mokashi
Madhugandha Kulkarni
Paresh Mokashi
Swapnil Joshi
Sharmishtha Raut
Madhugandha Kulkarni
Tejas Desai
Trupti Patil
Production Company
Hiranyagarbha Manoranjan
Screen Count
Music Composer
Tanmay Bhide
Lyrics Writer
OTT Release Date
OTT Platform

Naach Ga Ghuma Cast and Character

Mukta Barve
Namrata Sambherao
Sarang Sathaye
Sukanya Kulkarni
Rani Chi Aai
Supriya Pathare
Aanand Chi Aai
Sharmishtha Raut
Madhugandha Kulkarni
Sunil Abhyankar
Myra Vaikul

Naach Ga Ghuma Box Office Collection India: Day Wise Collection

No. of DayTotal Collection [in ₹]
Day 1 [1st Wednesday]
2.15 Crores
Day 2 [1st Thursday]
0.80 Crore
[Decline: -62.79%]
Day 3 [1st Friday]
0.95 Crore
[Growth: +18.75%]
Day 4 [1st Saturday]
1.85 Crore
[Growth: +94.74%]
Day 5 [1st Sunday]
2 Crores
[Growth: +8.11%]
Day 6 [1st Monday]
0.85 Crore
[Decline: -57.50%]
Day 7 [1st Tuesday]
0.90 Crore
[Growth: +5.88%]
Day 8 [2nd Wednesday]
0.90 Crore
[No Change: 0.00%]
Day 9 [2nd Thursday]
0.75 Crore
[Decline: -16.67%]
Day 10 [2nd Friday]
0.50 Crore
[Decline: -33.33%]
Day 11 [2nd Saturday]
1.20 Crore
[Growth: +140.00%]
Day 12 [2nd Sunday]
1.60 Crore
[Growth: +33.33%]
Day 13 [2nd Monday]
0.60 Crore
[Decline: -62.50%]
Total Collection [Net in India]
15.05 Crores

Naach Ga Ghuma Box Office Collection India: Weekly Collection

No. of WeekWeek Wise Collection [in ₹]Total Collection [in ₹]
Day 1 [Opening]
2.15 Crores2.15 Crores
5 Days [Opening Weekend]
7.75 Crores7.75 Crores
1st Week
11.15 Crores11.15 Crores
2nd Week
Total Collection [Net in India]
15.05 Crores15.05 Crores

Naach Ga Ghuma Total Collection: Worldwide Box Office Collection

SummaryTotal Collection [in ₹]
Nett Box Office Collection in India
15.05 Crores
Total Gross Collection in India
17.75 Crores
Overseas Collection
Total Worldwide Collection
17.75 Crores

Naach Ga Ghuma Budget and Verdict [Hit or Flop]

5 Crore [Approx]


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